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About HimTrade.RU - Russian petrochemical trading b2b resoure


HimTrade.RU is an independent trading internet-platform dealing in chemical and petrochemical products manufactured by the Russian companies.
The platform started operating on the 1st of June 2003.
Today the project HimTrade.RU is the leading internet-platform among the sites dedicated to the chemical industry.
The subscribers of HimTrade.RU are the companies trading in chemical and petrochemical products, which went through the registration procedure on this trading platform. Here they can place orders for buying or selling chemical and petrochemical products, information about their companies and news. The registration on HimTrade.RU trading platform is free of charge.

Listed companies have the ability to post an unlimited number of offers for sale and purchase of the Russian market, as well as in the section "Exporting and the Russian Federation."

There are more than 700 companies registered on this trading internet-platform.
About 1500 people visit this site daily.
There are more than 200 actual commercial offers on selling products and applications on purchasing chemical and petrochemical products submitted on this internet-platform daily.

The distinctive features of Him Trade.RU trading platform:

  • actual tenders on selling chemical products and applications for purchasing chemical and petrochemical products;
  • the built - in calculation of the railroad tariff allows you to get the cost of a product including delivery to the point of destination and carriage pay from the seller's station of dispatch;
  • free placement of offers on sale and purchase of chemical and petrochemical products and services;
  • forums for traders and discussions on technological, legal and trading questions connected with chemical and petrochemical products.

Kinds of chemical and petrochemical products Price lists (3+0) Russian market
Exported from Russia
Inorganic Chemical Products 1 1 11 (4)    
Petrochemicals   2 (1)    
Organically synthesized products 1 1 11 (1)   7
Polymers and copolymers   13   3
Chemical reagents and special chemicals        
Chemical fertilizers 1 1 1    
Nanoscale chemical materials        
Other Chemical Products        

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